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Our A To Z Of Afternoon Tea

To pay homage to our delicious afternoon tea, we’ve crafted a swift A-Z guide encompassing all aspects of this decadent treat, celebrating one of Britain’s most beloved traditions. And if you’re looking for an afternoon tea in Cornwall – then look no further than The Greenbank.

Afternoon tea in cornwall

A – is for Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who introduced a pot of tea and a light snack into her afternoon routine to combat “that sinking feeling.” The tradition grew from there, and we’re not complaining!

B – Brilliantly British. At one point we were known by the rest of the world as the country where “at half-past three, everything stops for tea.” How splendid.

C – Champagne! If you would like to add bubbles, Add a glass of champagne, or unlimited prosecco for the table with our bottomless afternoon tea.

D – Drawing rooms were traditionally where afternoon tea was taken.

E – Etiquette. We’re all about the relaxation here at The Greenbank, but the traditional afternoon tea is steeped in dos and don’ts. Apparently one must look into their cup whilst sipping their tea and never, ever, dunk.

F – Four o’clock was traditionally an ‘acceptable’ start time for afternoon tea. We’re not sure we can wait that long though, so ours are served between 2.30pm and 5pm Monday to Saturday and 3.30pm to 5pm on Sunday.

G – Gin. Enhance your afternoon tea experience with a Greenbank-infused G&T.

H – High tea. Despite the common misconception, high tea is actually not the same as afternoon tea. It is in fact the ‘working class equivalent’ – a more substantial meal taken at around 5 o’clock.

I – Indulgence, with a capital I. That’s just one way to describe our best selling afternoon tea, with homemade scones, sweet treats, and delicate sandwiches.

J – Jam and clotted cream. But what comes first? Well if you’re doing it the Cornish way, it’s jam first, cream second… and if you’re not, then you’re wrong. (We’re having an afternoon tea in Cornwall after all.)

KKids afternoon tea – our mini-spread for the budding socialites in your life. Which you can get for £12.50.

L – Low tea. Another term for afternoon tea, taking its name from the fact it was served on coffee tables in the ‘low’ part of the day.

M – Milk in first? Ah, that age-old debate. We’re afraid we can’t really offer a definitive answer to this… it’s a matter of personal preference.

N – No fuss. We accommodate all dietary preferences, including pregnancy-friendly options, as well as vegan and gluten-free afternoon tea, upon request with 24 hours’ notice. Please call 01326 312440 to arrange a tailored experience suited to your dietary requirements.

O – Occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or Mother’s Day treat, afternoon teas are an increasingly popular way to celebrate or to spoil someone special.

P – Put the pinkies away. Contrary to popular belief, pinkies out is NOT the correct way to sip your tea, nor should you hook your fingers through the handle. When you’re at ours though, feel free to hold it as you wish!

Q – Queen Vic herself was a fan of the afternoon tea, and the Victoria sponge takes its name from the cake she most preferred with hers.

R – Receptions. Back in the day, high society ladies would invite up to 200 guests around for afternoon tea ‘receptions’ during which people could come and go as they pleased. If only this still existed!

S – Sandwiches. Scones. Sweet Pastries. Scotch Eggs. Need we say more? Whilst scones are in fact a 20th century addition to the meal, scotch eggs are our very own touch.

TTregothnan Tea is our beverage of choice. Loose leaf and Cornish grown, it’s simply stunning. And if tea isn’t your thing, fear not – we also serve Cornish coffee too.

U – Unlimited prosecco. Make your special occasion even more memorable with an added touch of luxury, for just £30 extra.

V – Victorian attire for afternoon tea traditionally included long gloves, gowns and hats.

W – World War 1 effectively put an end to the practice of ladies taking afternoon tea. Due to rationing, supplies became unavailable and the tradition was simply not taken up again to the same extent after the war.

X – rated? In a world where children were to be seen and not heard, afternoon tea was originally considered to be an adults’ only event. Fortunately, we’ve moved on a bit since then!

Y – Yuletide. Our limited edition festive afternoon teas, released at the end of November, feature goodies such as Yule logs and Christmas pudding to get your into the festive spirit. Complete with mulled wine!

Z – Okay, so we’ll admit we couldn’t think of a Z, but can you? You might have to try one of our afternoon teas for inspiration…

afternoon tea by the sea

So if you’re looking for afternoon tea in Cornwall…

Whether you’re treating yourself, pampering a loved one, or simply longing for an indulgent afternoon – our afternoon tea menu promises the ideal delight.

To book, please call us on 01326 312440 or click here.

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