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Bonfire Night: Keeping your Pets Calm during the fireworks


Every year, we all bring out our wooly hats and cosy jumpers to stand in the bitter evening chill to watch fireworks in the night sky. But for our four-legged friends, it can be a lot less exciting, with 45% of dog owners stating their pooches show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. So we’ve crafted our guide on keeping your pets calm during the fireworks come the 5th November…

Plan ahead

Try to tire them out. By giving them lots of exercise during the day, this gives the perfect excuse for them to snooze all evening. Try taking them for a good run around on the beach or for a walk around some of Cornwall’s greatest gardens to really get them moving.

Find a safe spot

We all need somewhere to hide once in a while – and it’s equally important for pets too. So whether it’s under a table, behind the sofa or in their basket, make sure theirs is accessible. Include their favourite blanket, toys, treats and anything that brings them comfort to create a den-like snuggle space.


Make the evening all about them. There’s very little that can come between a dog and a brand new toy, so why not get a few to keep them occupied? Or have a training session with a treat incentive, keeping their focus on you and learning new tricks. If you need a break, try closing the curtains and switching on the TV or some music to muffle out the noises of the explosions.

Keeping your pets Calm

Pets will always look towards their owners for reassurance and guidance. If you act calm around your pooch, they’ll quickly realise that the loud noises are nothing to protect you from. Never tell your pets off for showing fear, as this will just increase the stress levels.

Tailor the needs of your pet

All pets react differently to everything, so for all the advice we can give, you know your pet. As long as your pooch is feeling calm and relaxed, it doesn’t really matter how you get them there!

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