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The Greenbank’s Development Project

“Having worked with Cornwall Council on a thorough pre-planning agreement consultation, we are proud to present our plans to futureproof The Greenbank with a sustainable and considered development – which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enhance, improve and finesse the hotel for the needs of today’s visitors. We’d like to extend our thanks in advance to our local residents and members of the public for their patience and support.”
Ben Young, Managing Director, May 2024

A Need for Development, Improvement and Investment in Falmouth.

  • The Greenbank has been operated by the current board of Directors since 1999, with the addition of Ben Young to the board in 2019, having taken over the management in 2014.
  • We are established Cornish hoteliers, with half the board having operated hotels in Cornwall over the last century, we are not developers, we are local and committed to the hotel and to Falmouth and its mutual prosperity.
  • The hotel is long established and is an avid supporter of the town, hosting events, supporting local charities and accommodating over 35,000 visitors into the town each year.
  • The hotel needs some significant improvements to its infrastructure and needs new windows, modern insulation, and the adoption of new technologies to reduce its carbon footprint and to improve sustainability and longer-term viability in uncertain times.
  • The hotel has various logistical challenges in its current evolved state, the disabled access is not to current regulations, there are no ground floor bedrooms, and the function space is in a highly challenging location, set far away from the front doors and up some unavoidable stairs.
  • We have the makings of a plan to secure the hotels future, retaining it as a hotel and preserving it for generations to come.
  • We would appoint local contractors and consultants, providing significant local employment during the project delivery phase.
  • Once developed the proposed scheme will provide 39 additional full time equivalent jobs in addition to the 130 currently employed year-round.
  • It provides an additional 30 bedrooms, whilst retaining the current hotel footprint and with no increases to the roof line.
  • The scheme relocates the function room to the ground floor and away from neighbouring properties.
  • It gives full access to disabled visitors, with ground floor bedrooms, and full facilities available to all.


  • The scheme tangibly enhances and consolidates the hotels appearance, notably from the water which is currently a mismatch of 20th century styles.
  • The relocation of the kitchen enables an increased restaurant capacity up to 180 covers – space of this size is unknown in the region and it will enable events of a far larger scale to be hosted locally whilst showcasing the entire Town from the exquisite views across the harbour.
  • We will have a net gain of 5 parking spaces, and whilst we aim to continue leasing 14 spaces at Ponsharden, we would propose an EV to transfer guests to and from this overflow parking.
  • To further assist with parking pressures, we would restrict the use of our marquee in the peak season and propose its use is kept solely to the Garden area owned by the hotel, keeping the quay free for parking.
  • It would be a nationally famous hotel, at the gateway to Falmouth, and bring significant economic benefits to the Town, its businesses, and its residents.
  • As well as the significant economic benefits it will reduce the demand for Airbnb properties meaning more houses are lived in year – round and less become second homes.
  • The hotel would remain very much for the community, it will not become exclusive and out of reach for locals, it is part of the Town now, and it will remain so.
“We’re established Cornish hoteliers and are committed to Falmouth and to the shared prosperity of the town. These plans look to tackle the current logistical challenges of operating out of an evolved C17 building and allow us to adopt new technologies and insulation that will reduce our carbon usage. As well as adding more rooms, the project will provide at least 30 additional full-time jobs for local residents. We want The Greenbank Hotel to remain as a hotel with the community at its heart and thank both Cornwall Council and our neighbours for the positive response to this pre-planning application.”
Ben Young, Managing Director

Slideshow – current hotel Vs proposed hotel

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