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Winter wedding petals at The Greenbank

Whilst the colder weather may have sent summer flowers away for the season, winter is a time when couples can really get creative with their big day bouquets.

We’ve researched into how to put a unique spin on bouquets for flower lovers and equally for those wanting something a little different when tying the knot.

Syllabic stems

It seems to us that winter flower names all tend to be longer than summer blooms, but this only adds to the romance and extravagance of a wedding in our beautiful county.

We’ve seen brides arrange winter flowers in dashing pinks and whites, resulting in traditional yet fresh bouquets; tightly packed ranunculus complimenting the majesty of hydrangea, and the delicate daisy appearance of anemone petals personifying a precious bride being given away by her father, his little girl!

Love lasts forever(green)

Not everyone’s taste caters for flowers; in fact, some people actively stray from having them in their bouquet. Evergreens are a superb alternative, and a fabulous way to include healthy, natural colours into a wedding scheme with hardly a stamen in sight.

Sprigs of fern can accompany pinecones, holly, ribbons, thistles and even feathers to create an individual arrangement for a couple’s big day.

Berry nice bouquets

Winter’s colder climes not only bring different flowers to the table but an array of berries to add texture and nuance to a bride’s bouquet.

Silver Brunia and blue Vibernum berries look fantastic amid an arrangement of white roses and work wonderfully within any winter piece. Be it a flourishing carnation arrangement or understated evergreen number, these spheres of colour are always welcome at a Greenbank wedding.

Brunia Nodiflora, known as ‘Brunia balls’ or ‘berries’ are actually the fruited heads of the flowered Brunia plant once the petals have been shed. Whilst it’s technically unfair to call them ‘berries’, we feel the title should remain in the name of bouquet arrangement!

Have we planted a seed of inspiration? George Mackay, Jackie Phillips and Cornwall Wedding Flowers are in and around Falmouth for those planning a waterside wedding, and of course we can advise on how to otherwise fulfill your floral fantasies.

Which is the bouquet for your big day? Please do let us know!

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