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The Greenbank’s alternative icing ideas

Picture a wedding cake; hold the image in your head for just a moment…

More often than not a grand, towering orchestration of icing and sponge appears, and in most cases this is exactly what people desire on one of the biggest days of their life.

For those who prefer a different sort of sweetness on their wedding day, here are some delicious ideas that have inspired the Greenbank wedding team:

Bare it all

Boho brides rejoice, you can still have your cake and eat it thanks to the rising popularity of ‘naked’ wedding cakes.

With sponge ashow and as minimal decoration as you desire, this down to earth and rustic approach to cakery reflects not only the grounding of the couple tying the knot, but the rustic and artisan flavour of Falmouth itself.

Leave cake worries by the whey-side

As sponge and icing doesn’t please everyone’s palate, a delightfully savoury idea is to take to the dairies and create tiers of Brie, Cheddar and Caerphilly – to name but a few examples bound for the heady heights of wedding celebration.

The Westcountry is rich with artisan made cheeses, so either explore the possibilities as part of wedding planning or choose experts such as The Cheese Shed for your very own fromage de resistance.

J’adore croquembouche

‘Croquembouche’ is a dessert from our cousins on the continent, so we’re continuing with the French theme (with fewer laboured attempts of fluency, with any luck!)

Consisting of choux pastry spheres woven together into a pyramid using a caramel thread, this is a gorgeous alternative to a traditional cake and will surely prove the summit of any celebratory meal.

Pie’s twice as nice

Seasonal fruits and berries are usually reserved for decorative purposes, but who’s to stop you from showcasing them in all their glory on a marvelous pastry podium?

As well as being more affordable than their iced equivalents, locally bought ice cream from independent dairies put a regional touch on proceedings (and we’ve yet to see anyone turn down the offer of freshly made pie at a wedding).

Let us just say one thing before we finish, we LOVE seeing traditional wedding cakes: the bold, the understated and absolutely incredible. The above ideas are a subtle nod to those after a slightly different flavour to their wedding day.

Of course, everyone’s welcome at The Greenbank no matter what their preference; be it pastry, the pasteurised or icing as bright as starlight.

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