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Nick’s Community Kitchen: Traditional Cornish fishcakes


cornish fishcakes recipe

To keep a smile on our followers’ faces and to boost our own morale, we’ve launched a new online series with our Executive Chef Nick Hodges – “Nick’s Community Kitchen”. Every few days via our Facebook page, Nick will be demonstrating some simple but delicious and fun dishes for you all to try at home. Please click here to view our Facebook videos.

Traditional Cornish cod, smoked haddock & dill fishcakes

Please note any fish will work, but white fish and salmon are best if you can get them. This recipe makes eight – ten fishcakes.

You will need:

  •  500g dry mashed potatoes (frozen mash pellets work just fine!)
  • 250g skinless/boneless smoked haddock
  • 250g skinless/boneless cod fillet
  • ½ small onion finely diced or spring onion/shallot
  • 1 small lemon, finely zest
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Salt and pepper

Professionally known as a pané set up, you’ll also need separate bowls of (in this order for the coating):

  • Plain flour
  • One egg with a drop of milk
  • Dried breadcrumbs

Getting it done:

Start with the mash. This really needs to be as dry as possible, otherwise the cakes will not form.

Poach the fish in water (drop in the ends of the lemon, dill stalks and lightly salt to get extra flavour.) The fish will only take a few minutes to cook, especially if the lid is on. The fish will change colour, turning bright white.

Dice the onion and dill, then zest the lemon. Add this all to the mash and season well.

Strain the cooked fish. Remember the water will make a great fish stock for soups or rice dishes like paella.

Add the strained fish to the potato mix, then add a little egg yolk.

Mix gently, leaving the fish chunky if possible. Mould into the fish cakes. The size is up to you; small or large.

Leave the cakes to settle before you put through the pané (flour/egg/breadcrumb.) You can refrigerate at this point if you have more time. It’s easier to pané when the potato and fish mix are chilled.

To cook:

If the cakes have been refrigerated, turn the oven on, 180.

Gently heat some oil in a non-stick pan, making sure it is not too hot. Carefully place the crumbed cakes into the oil. Turn after two or three minutes or when they turn golden brown. If the cakes come from the fridge, now place them in the oven for approximately 10 minutes.

Once turned and up to temperature, it’s time to serve them.

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner – and perfect topped with a soft poached egg and hollandaise!

We’d love to see how you’ve been getting on in your own home kitchen. Please send in a photo of your creations to, for your chance to be crowned our “Community Kitchen Champion.” Our winner will receive a gift voucher for the Water’s Edge restaurant, to be enjoyed when we’re back on our feet.


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