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July featured cocktails in the Water’s Edge bar

From rum to cognac, whiskey to Pisco – July’s cocktails are truly the cream of the crop. And with the weather forecasts promising a month-long heatwave, it’s time to make a beeline for the Water’s Edge sun-drenched terrace and find your new favourite tipple with this tempting bunch…


Thunderstormy Bellini: 29th June – 6th July

Fusing Brugal dark rum with ginger syrup, this bellini has certainly got a kick to it. Angostura bitters and half a lime add a botanical hint of flavour, making it a firm favourite this month. Fragrant, fresh and oh-so-good!

Strawberry Vermouth Spritz: 6th – 13th July

Reminiscent of summer afternoons on the lawns of Wimbledon, this beautiful concoction enjoys a well-deserved week on our cocktail hit-list. This refreshing spritz features strawberry syrup, Grand Imperial orange liqueur, strawberry infused Martini and a generous topping of ice-cold soda.

Sidecar: 13th – 20th July

What’s not to love about the legendary Sidecar? This classic cognac cocktail is one ride you’ll gladly give up the wheel for. Its three simple ingredients of Courvoisier VS, Triple Sec orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice combine headily for a distinctly citrus tipple that will make you giddy.

Scofflaw: 20th – 27th July

Named after the term given to those who secretly sipped spirits throughout Prohibition, the little known Scofflaw gets the thumbs up from us. Expect a piquant kick from its expert blend of Bulleit Bourbon rye whiskey, Martini extra dry, grenadine, orange bitters and lemon juice.

Pisco Punch: 27th July – 3rd August

Described by Kipling as being ‘compounded of the shavings of cherub’s wings’ – we have to agree that this summery number is pretty darn heavenly. Combining the popular Peruvian brandy Pisco with pineapple juice, syrup, lime and cloves, it’s the ultimate potent punch.

Every Friday from 5pm until close, snap up two cocktails for £10, including the featured cocktails above during their allocated weeks.

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