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Jenny Wren: How to style your big day, your way

Wedding and Events specialist Jenny Wren gives us five tips on how to create the perfect wedding day, your way:

1. Step by step

If you’re planning your day then break everything down and give yourself dates of when to have things done by. These milestones will give you a real sense of achievement and you won’t feel so overwhelmed about how much you have to do!

Starting early gives you the luxury of taking your time to hand pick suppliers, meaning you won’t rush and end up panic booking – and paying more for the privilege, this will give you time to negotiate and really do your research.

2. Visionary venues

Cornwall is a wonderful place to get married and more and more couples are travelling down from out of county for their perfect wedding here.

A seaside wedding is particularly appealing to couples that perhaps live and work in the city and love the thought of saying their vows in beautiful scenery; the stunning natural backdrop of dramatic coastline and sandy beaches is something the couple and their guests will never forget.

3. Changing tastes

Tastes and ideas for your wedding day can change over time. As I mentioned before, if you start too early you may regret some of the decisions you make later down the line. Likewise if you drag out the planning for a long, long time you run the risk of losing interest; which would never do!

4. Helping hands

Don’t tire yourselves out the week before the wedding with all those fiddly little jobs such as picking up table decorations, folding place cards or writing the photographer’s shot list.
If you don’t have a planner then get help from friends and family, the last thing you want is to be shattered on your big day!

5. Words of wisdom

My biggest piece of advice would be not to get caught up with what you imagine everyone else thinks or will want to see at the wedding.

Yes, you want your guests to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable, but if you try to think about what will please everyone else you will drive yourself crazy!
Lastly, enjoy it and if you are not enjoying it then ask for help. You’re only ever going to do it once, so do it the right way.
An industry expert in wedding and events planning and a big fan of the Greenbank, Jenny has been operating as Jenny Wren since 2013 and loves utilising her extensive experience as an in-house event planner.

Holding degrees in both Business and Hospitality & Events Management, Jenny’s seemingly infinite energy is fuelled by the pleasure on wedded couples’ faces after creating the most special day of their lives. Contact her here.

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