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Five winter wedding ideas from The Greenbank

Winter weddings, they really are something special (we definitely think so at The Greenbank, anyway) and it is a time of year when creativity and romance go hand in hand, all the way down the aisle.

Here are our five tips on how to add some magic to a winter wedding – and yes, there is mulled wine!

(Chocolate) bar

Forget a free bar; in winter all friends and family need is a hot sweet drink to help them warm up and appreciate the love in the air at your big day. An all you can drink hot chocolate bar complete with help-yourself marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and other sweet treats should do the trick!

To really get into the spirit of the season, pumpkin spice hot chocolate is a fantastically festive flavour and is sure to get people talking. At The Greenbank we pride ourselves on superb hot chocolate; go on, give it a taste during your next visit!

Pretty pinecones

The ‘fruit’ of the conifer tree is an excellent way to make the most of the season’s natural offerings, and can be personalised to match almost any colour scheme.

Red beads to match a rosier theme, or simple white and greens for couples who are choosing simple, au naturelle colours for their big day. Searching for a glamorous decoration? Pinecones painted gold and silver add a regal touch to proceedings, and can be hung anywhere at The Greenbank and not look out of place – perfect!

Candlelight into the night

It may sound simple, but my word is it effective. Turn the lights down low and have your guests dine by the soft glow of candlelight; watching the flames twinkle from your partner’s eyes throughout your wedding meal will remind you both why you’re there, and why you’re so special to each other.

Mulled wine

Everyones favourite! The warming, relaxing mix of fruit, spices and liqueur never fails to bring good cheer to the faces of everyone who sips at the festive cocktail.

A glass or two (or three) served by friendly Greenbank waiters and waitresses is sure to bring smiles all round, and the perfume that fills the room is just divine – who wouldn’t want it at their wedding?


This sweet treat is an easy, supremely tasty way to start a main meal or reception. An elegant gingerbread star with every glass of champagne or on the place card of every diner not only awakens the appetite for the main courses at The Greenbank, but adds an element of fun – and we all know that making sure no one gets too serious is one of the biggest challenges at a wedding, regardless of what time of year it is!

At The Greenbank we can cater for weddings all year round, and if you need any tips on how to make the seasons work in your favour, our wedding team is more than happy to help any brides-to-be with seasonal decisions – just get in touch!

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